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The Adventures of Bjorn the Bold is an Action/Adventure RPG focusing on exploration and problem solving. This game is in early development and based on YouTube's GameGrind Simple RPG tutorial series as well as Ben Trisdem's Udemy's RPG Core Combat Creator.

Within each of my devlog chapters, I will mention any other tutorials or videos I found to help in creating the game.


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Hello, my name is Kaan , i'm an aspiring composer who's very interested in composing music for a video game and 
i've been composing music for one and half year, and i am willing to dedicate myself 
to any game that pushes my  boundaries even further.
Now i am mostly making Medieval-Fantasy-Rpg-Atmospheric themed soundtracks in which i use variety of instruments such as Harp,Violin,Cello,Viola,Piano,Horn,French Horn,English Horn etc,but i can manipulate the compositions into a specific style so that it could fit into the game scene, to see some of those soundtracks you can find them here: 


I'm looking for oppurnitunity to apply for the freelancer composer role at your company 
Given any requirements, I am willing to do the job adeptly and perform as much as i can.

I look forward to elaborating on how my specific skills and abilities benefit your company, please contact me.