Update Build of RPG (9/22/2017)

This build covers all the videos available from GameGrind's YouTube series "Simple RPG in Unity" (GameGrind YouTube Channel)

Developed using Unity 5.5 and free assets from Unity store and Mixamo store.

Since I'm using NewtonSoft Json to maintain my inventory system, my builds from this point on will be downloadable executables. Followed instructions provided by Brackey's YouTube video "How to Build/Export your Game in Unity". This was a great video on helping to include an installer with your download executable.

Currently this game has a dialogue system, an inventory system and a combat system that includes patrolling and non-patrolling enemy. The patrolling functions are based on a series of YouTube videos by Holistic3d. Unlike previous build, enemies only cause damage to player if they strike the player vs being within a certain range of the player. Also enemy tries to face player when striking.  If a non-patrolling enemy is killed, loot will randomly be dropped.

Still waiting on the questing system by GameGrind.


The Adventures of Bjorn the Bold Setup.exe 19 MB
Sep 22, 2017

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