Update Build of RPG (7/23/2017)

This build covers setting up a basic combat system as described in videos 4 - 7 of GameGrind's YouTube series "Simple RPG in Unity" (GameGrind YouTube Channel)

Combat system includes being able to equip the player with a sword and have two basic attacks.  I've also added a camera follow script to allow the scene to follow the player thereby allowing me to increase the game play area.

Variations from GameGrind's project:

1) Since I'm using a rigged character, had to find out how to equip the player with a weapon. Used an empty game object and attached it to the player's right hand in the rig. All weapons then could use this game object as a reference point. Instructions on how to accomplish this task came from YouTuber MattGamesCreationFan (MattGamesCreationFan - YouTube Channel)

2) Animations for the weapon are played through the player instead of through the weapon so you have to get the player's animator controller when fighting.

TODO List:

1) Hopefully will learn to how to equip and unequip player with various weapons as the series progresses.

2) Enemies still need to learn to attack player as well as spawn in different locations.

3) Wish to move from unarmed to armed animations smoother .. hopefully this is what blend trees are all about and can start using that in the animator.


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Jul 24, 2017

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