Update Build of RPG (8/8/2017)

For this build, I was able to get an inventory system established by which my player could either equip himself with a weapon or drink a potion. These concepts were described in GameGrind's 8 - 12 videos. After getting the inventory system up and working, I added in the character panel by which the player could see his stats and health as well as unequip any weapon he selected from the aforenamed inventory system.  These concepts were covered in GameGrind's 17 & 18 videos.  Also include enemy chasing and attacking my player as described in GameGrind's video 15. 

Variations from GameGrind's project:

1) Since my game is going to deal more with questing and problem solving than combat, I dont think it necessary to incorporate leveling up details. Therefore it was omitted from the character panel. I altered the character panel to be collapsible ... you can monitor the player's health always but the weapon stats and such are hidden.

2) I've added a scene manager that goes from a splash screen to a main entry scene. To make sure the controls for the game are known to the user, I included an instructions scene.

TODO List:

1) Need to work on combat with enemies. Right now I can get chased and attacked but rather the damage is based on actually hitting the player and not just being within the range.

2) Enemy needs to still rotate to face the player while attacking. I sustain damage right now just by him standing next to me.

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