Update Build of RPG (2/24/2018)

It has been awhile since I've done an update on this project but I haven't been idle during this time. I decided to go out and purchase some assets to help define the general look and feel I wanted for my game, then rebuilt the whole game from scratch. The characters are still stock models from Mixamo which I will replace with my own once I have the time.

With this build, I've created about 1/5th of the world I want the final game to inhabit. This update includes all the following:  dialogue system, inventory system, combat system and questing system.  The combat system has been expanded to include enemy that will attack and run away and then attack again. For the questing system, there are collection and kill goals that can be done. 

At present, there is no save system available and the quest log is a work in progress. I hope to expand the quest system to include puzzles as well.


The Adventures of Bjorn the Bold Setup - Beta Version.exe 69 MB
Feb 24, 2018

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