Initial Build of RPG (7/9/2017)

This build covers the first 3 videos of GameGrind's YouTube series "Simple RPG in Unity" (GameGrind YouTube Channel)

Developed using Unity 5.5 and free assets from Unity store and Mixamo store.

Instructions on how to generate a WebGL project that can be loaded onto (Wabble - Unity Tutorials Channel

Variations from the GameGrind's project:

1) Added an animated character to the scene instead of the 3d cube. Instructions on how to add animated character from YouTuber GameDevStudent -_-  (GameDevStudent-_- YouTube Channel)

2) Added function to always have the player turn toward an interactable object such as NPCs, pickup items, etc.

3) Added function to turn off dialogue panel if player moves (takes care of abandoned and opened dialogue)

TODO List:

1) Still have to figure out how to stop the wrong dialogue from popping up. This happens when player doesn't complete first click to move that involved an interactable object and clicks on a new click to move interactable object.

Things to Note:

1) When designing the dialogue panel, need to set the dimensions of the game and not use free aspect. 


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Jul 09, 2017

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